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        Lonely Artist Club was created by Anna Harrington in November 2022 as a way to connect with artists outside her personal network.

        Prior to creating LAC, Anna felt extremely disconnected from her artistic practice. As a remedy, she began contacting friends and fellow artists to discuss artistic challenges, how it feels to show up as an artists in the digital era and, most importantly, their art. 


        What started out as calls, texts, and coffee dates soon turned into the digital platform + magazine you are reading today - sometimes the best things come from spending time alone.

Lonely Artist Club (LAC): A bit more about this digital magazine and the creator...

How do I join the club? Getting an interview with Lonely Artist Club. 

        First off, if you're an artist... you're already a part of the club! There's no fee or purchase or initiation or interview that does or does not make you part of Lonely Artist Club. If you make art, you're in. With that being said, we do have some stipulations when it comes to getting an interview with us. 


        LAC receives a high volume of requests from artists to be interviewed. To help manage requests we have created a form HERE. Filling out this form DOES NOT guarantee an interview. It is simply a way for us to document your request and follow up if and when we can. For additional questions please use the contact form found in the menu bar.

How do I support LAC? Donating, merchandise, & more... 

        Lonely Artist Club is a Passion Project. In other words, no one gets paid. By donating, buying merchandise, or sharing our work across your social platforms you are helping make all aspects of Lonely Artist Club possible - editing, formatting, producing, interviewing, merchandise platforms, etc. A big thank you to everyone who helps support.

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